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My name is Tasya Sabrina, you can call me any of my names. I made this blog a few years ago, but since then on hiatus for three years. When I started this blog it was called Strumming Heartstring, but on October 2016 I finally go back on this blog to write new posts and revamp everything. Since I mainly focus with the things I enjoy the most, I decided to name this blog SabrinaEnjoys. I used the name Sabrina because it is easier to remember than the name Tasya. I love posting about awesome stuff such as: lifestyle, DIY products, arts & crafts, foods and cool places, and sometimes fashion. I was born in year 1996, with an Aries as a zodiac. If you happened to know MBTI, INFP is my type. I am currently on my fourth year of studying Information Technology at a private University in Depok. I have several pets in the past and would love to adopt one in the future. By the way, I am a Gryffindor.

If you need to contact me to ask me things just go mention @tsysabrina on both Twitter and Instagram, or you could choose one. I am active on both social medias even if I don't post for days.

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