Why I stopped blogging and Life Update!


Wow, it's been a so long since I write a post! That 'new post on tuesday' is a lie. Sorry I haven't post for months. I really am sorry. I know excuses like busy, or just activities and bustle won't work. So, there. I am sorry. I first don't write blog because I have no good content to share, and I have try to write everything but I don't want to ruin this blog. So I decided to just let it go and post whenever I am ready to go back.

A lot of things happened since. I got pets! Two cats. I love them so much. I got the first one on 30th December 2016, I named her Colette, she's a very active doll face Persian. Which is quite unusual but I wouldn't trade or have her any other way.

The right picture is when I first got her and the next one is her around early March, she have grown since. We called her Coco instead of Colette though. Adorable little baby.

The next one is Lillie, I named her after a character in Pokemon. She is a Himalayan Mix. (With Persian) that have the color Dilute Red. I got her on the election day around February. She is different from Coco personality-wise, but she's a sweetheart.

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