Mid-term Exam crisis, friends to the rescue!


It's so annoying and everyone hates it, don't you think so? If you don't know, my university does a Mid-term exam month, where it's completely just exam and nothing else, just like End-term exam month. And it's so annoying (there, I said it again). We can have a week without exam so I can go wherever I want, but I am still a prisoner of exam.

On saturday, my friends ask me to tag along with them to a shopping centre to go to a theather, there are supposed to be a Japanese food event held by JKT48. It's called Made in Hokkaido. We thought it was going to be slightly bigger.. sort of like a pop up market. But it's just a stand, and that's all.

We don't really want that to get us down, so we try the food anyway. Psst, it's free, To get the food you need to do a quiz, which is quite funny, because at the end we can choose whatever food we want to, and I choose this. I don't really expect much for a freebie but I like potato cookie and I like it. 

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