October's Favorites List


Hi loves.

I've been sick all week and when I thought I had a lucky break because the classes are actually canceled this week too, I got food poisoning, which is bad but also remind me to choose foods wisely in the future. After all, health is one of the most important thing in our life. Here are some of my favorites items that I discovered and/or use a lot this month. There are many variety items, and I buy them all by myself.

1. TWG Tea's Chamomile

This tea is a miracle. I am not a big drinker of tea, but I'll make an exception for this one. This product is so good and it helps a lot when through my sick days. 

(This picture is taken from TWG's official website)

2. Ankle boots (With heels!)

I always love boots, but I find it really hot and stressful to wear them in dry season, since it is so hot outside and I want my feet to stay cool, so since it is a rainy season now and most days are cloudy, I always take chances to wear them. I can't wear one now though, since I wrote this blog on my bed for being sick. Ha ha. What an excuse.

(This picture is taken from www.gorgeautiful.com)

3. Struck by Lightning by Chris Colfer

At first I only buy this book because it has Chris' name on it! I know.. I know. I have this book forever, and I have read it once in early 2013, but I recently re-read it and I am reminded of great this book is. Too bad the movie is a flop though. I love how sassy and cool the main character is. He's a bit mean though, to be totally honest. The ending is quite bittersweet but overall, it is a great book. It teaches me so much of having hopes despite this cruel--mean world. There are many F and S bombs in this book, so don't expect this is your another teen book.

(This picture is taken from Amazon's website; but I have the same exact cover)

So, what's your favorite items on October? 

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  1. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! That stinks. :( Hmm...that's difficult for my favourite products of October...I love tea, but I haven't had any in awhile because it's been warm here, and hot tea doesn't go well with hot temperatures. ;P I had my first hot cocoa of the season a few days ago! :)
    ~Katie@ cheeseandsparkles.blogspot.com