Air-Fit A'PIEU Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ No. 23 Review | Ulasan Beli Cushion Murah di KoreaBuys ♥


Hi loves.

October has passed, all the spooky stuff finally went away. I'm not really a big fan of Halloween, although I enjoy watching people cosplay and do impression because it is so cool. If you asked me to go to an escape room or like a haunted house kind of attraction, I'd probably smile and then say, 'No, thanks.' Hahaha. Really though. This month has been so lovely yet hectic, earlier this month I got my diploma degree, went to several events, and at the end I got cold, probably because I was too excited to go everywhere that I need to attend yet I'm a homebody person.

Anyway, I also brought quite a lot of new K-beauty make up this month, the Korean makeup just grew on me, recently. One of the product that I brought is Air-Fit A'PIEU Cushion. If you don't know.. A'PIEU is owned by the same company as Missha, one of the most known brand in Korea. But honestly, I cannot get over how cute the packaging and the case is. It's so cute.

(This Image is from Koreabuys)

I brought it on KoreaBuys which one of my favorite Indonesian-Korean K-Beauty store, because they sell things pretty cheap and the always send my stuff very neat and unharmed, because I live in Jakarta, it only took about 2-3 days for item to arrived, although when I brought a bag, it took about a week to arrived.

I choose No. 23 because it suits me the most as a person who have olive skin. Oh, and since K-beauty focused much on how to make your skin glow, I suggest to use to product lightly if you don't want a shiny face.

It lasts about 4-5 hours on my face, but I think it varies based on your activity and weather too, because sometimes Jakarta gets so hot that it ruins my make up. The price is 140,000 IDR on KoreaBuys. Although if you buy it directly from Korea you'll know that it's only 6800 KRW which is about 6 USD/ 4.8 GBP. Well, it doesn't matter because the shipping fee is more expensive if you buy it directly.

Overall, Sabrina enjoys this product and will probably wear more of this soon.

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  1. Awesome! I love buying asian beauty products because they're just so unique! Have u ever shopped at Born Pretty store? That's one of my favourites. They're cheap, and their customer service is really good. :)