This Beach Needs to be Addressed!


Hi loves.

I went over to a beach near where I live with some of my classmates today. It was a very hot day so I sweat a lot. We went to beach for a task's sakes from our lecturer. The shot went great and we all glad that we were able to film the whole thing.

Although one thing that bothered me is that, as I told you before, it was a VERY hot day, I sweat and ruin my make up, I tweet rant about this a bit. but it doesn't matter, what bothered me is that I get constantly reminded that I have dark skin, how my face is dark, and how 'black' I am, in a bad way. To be honest, I tan so quickly. I have a natural darker skin, and by getting tan makes my skin darker. I am okay with it, but people seems to not be okay with it.

A quick story about my race, ethnicity, and heritage. My mother came from Jakarta with Sundanese ethnic, while my father is from a very traditional Javanese family back in Sragen. My father have darker skin than my mother's, so scientifically, it is natural for me to get my skin darker than my mom's, but lighter than my dad's.

You see.. I realize that from where I live, which is an Eastern country, people hate tanned skin, and will mock and look down those who have one. But I can't help it, you know. I can't. I wear like 3 layers of sunscreen that day, and I still got tanned so quickly. I also often get compared with my mother how mother is a beauty and my mother is way prettier than me, which upsets my mother most of the time when someone said that in front of her.

What's worse of all is people who usually attack me like this are either in the same race as I am, or half I am, in a way they still share the same race as I am. How can they be racist to their own race, you may ask? Well, I bet it's because I am a girl and girl should have lighter skin and much more fair skin than men. Ridiculous yes, but sadly it's been going on since I don't know when. I don't think someone deserved to be reminded how bad they look to their idea of beauty and to be mock and look down like that. So often I get impression people would not see me as a women for my skin, yet they will most likely to talk and 'notice' on other part of my body, which is also rude and inappropriate.

I don't write about this because I am on my mood-swing on my menstruation cycle, and I am not attacking anyone through this post, although I am quite upset about it for a moment when more than five person said to me just this month. I am saying this because I genuinely want people to understand that it isn't true that the more they have darker skin, the uglier they are. Look at these gorgeous women, they are so beautiful.

Sabrina hopes everyone will understand.

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  1. Loved this post! People are too fast to judge others based off of their looks, and no one should have to feel judged because of their race, appearance, religion, etc. Unfortunately, it's the world we live in, and sometimes we just have to push other's opinions of ourselves away, and believe in ourselves. :) It's not about how others see you, it's about how YOU see you.
    ~Katie@ cheeseandsparkles.blogspot.comm

    1. Exactly, Katie.I know that even the strongest wall can collapsed, but in the end we just gotta believe in ourselves so negative things people said won't affect us so much.