Scars and How It Affected My Confidence


Hi loves.

I have a lot of scars. Most of it quite visible. I have scars on my left elbow, right elbow, on my foot, to be exact, I have one of my sole, upper sole, the skin on my shinbone, I have two on calf, near the palm of my right hand. They are all visible. It all started when I was very young, I get so excited about something that I don't realize I walk backward and there are a Motorbike's exhaust and my calf touches it. It was burning. (It actually happened again, recently), as I was writing this, my hand still burning and probably be another scar.

To be honest, I used to hate it. Hate it a lot, I look up to people who seem to have flawless skin and got wondering why I do have these scars that just make me feel so embarrassed of myself. I have people pointed out at my scars, and saying 'Is that scars?' While giving a weird face look. While they know that it is scars. I used to think, 'When they ever realize that they hurting my feeling through those three words and such facial expression. To me, my scars didn't mean a lot, it wasn't given to me by someone else, it just some pure accidents and nothing else, but to someone, there are something more behind those scars.

While I still think it is wrong for people being insensitive about the matter, I realize that the best way to handle them is to take a deep breathe, nod and tell them, "Yes. they are MY scars." After all, everyone has scars. Everyone has story behind it. I keep saying I live in my body as long as I'm breathing, that I should cherish things instead of worrying about these things, because it's true.

As for now, I already accepted most of who I am, even if I still struggle to accept some facts, but that's for me to work on, and you should too. You should try to accept and love yourself. You are you. You are your brain, you are your scars, you are your personality. Now, if you can make it fade away, make it fade away. If you feel you shouldn't, then don't. The only thing that matter is don't let anyone take away your happiness.

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