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Hi loves.

Last week I went to two different malls in my city, I went to buy some new clothes, books, and foods. While I wasn't taking picture of my food because it is just another chicken bowl, I did take some pictures of myself and a bit of view on both malls. It was really fun and tiring because it's been such a long time since I wear shoes that have heels. But that's just a life of a commuter student.

Overalls by Airen Boutique
Bag by Palomino
Blouse by Mango
Shoes by Adidas (Stan Smith Pink)

Then on the second mall, which is Grand Indonesia Shopping Centre, I get to wear different dresses and eating different food. Man, now that I think about it, I should've focus on my food than my clothes. By the way, I went here with my youngest sister and she isn't very best when it comes photographing someone, so I'm not putting the pictures here, I'm really sorry if you can't clearly see my outfit, but here are shameless selfies.

OK, two things. Yes, I'm in Forever 21, LOL yes, that isn't my hat but it is so cute so I tried it on.

Hat by Forever 21 (For that picture's sake only :P)
Choker Red Dress by Airen Boutique
Bag by Nabi9 on Koreabuys
Boots from H&M

Anyway, I went on Netflix since sunday and keep watching and watching Colleen Ballinger's Haters Back Off, check it out if you're into Cringe tv shows. It is so good. It'll be so much easier to understand if you watch her YouTube videos first though. So, how's this week so far for you? I hope you're having a great day because weekend is just two days away. I'm always excited for weekend. 

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  1. Nice Blog!! I am from the UK and we call malls, shopping centres. ;) LOL

  2. hey.. nice blog. please check mine also.thanks

  3. Ooo cute outfits! I went to the mall not too long ago with a friend also. ;P Your blog looks fun! Follow for a follow?