Chillin' and Bakin'


Hi loves.

I went to a mall over the weekend to accompany my little sister to YouTube fanfest. It's quite a cool event, I don't usually watch Indonesian YouTubers as I have different interest in various YouTuber around the world, but that doesn't mean I hate to watch them, in fact I have a few aspiring Indonesian YouTuber friends and their materials are awesome and I mean it. I met few YouTubers there in which my sister are so familiar with. I didn't take picture with them as they were busy but my sister managed to do a selfie or a picture together.

Then on the next day I went over to my friend, Edvinna's apartment to do some serious baking. It was raining so hard that day that we almost gave up because we don't have any ingredient, but we managed to get everything, luckily! Then my other friend, Hana, bring us brunch and then we bakes. We bakes cookies (was intended to make a cookie shot glass but I swear we can't find the glass everywhere), Lime Pie, and Chocolate truffles (I think we made like 70 of that.. so many)

A bit Liquid-y, because it wasn't really frozen yet but everyone wants to have a taste

I am planning to do more baking soon as I love baking, I think I'll be making cakes soon since someone's birthday is coming up... Geez, I am more excited to make cake than going to the party, Haha! Making cakes is party enough to me.

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  1. Can I also have a taste? ��

  2. Mmm...looks delicious! I watch quite a wide variety of youtubers as well. ;P