Change of plans!


Hi loves.

How I missed you. I know it's been three year and a month since I post a blog. A lot of happened since, I met a lot of friends, lose some, there are a lot of tears too. Not just a sad one, happy tears too. Yesterday, I went to my thesis defense for my bachelor degree. I think I passed! (Well, I don't really know, but considering everyone passed and I got only two things to revise from the examiner.. I guess I'm OK). Here is a collage picture of me and my friends celebrating our day!

I also got a tons of snacks from them. I got few chocolates, and a lot of yummy food. A dozen donut from my very close friend too! It was a fun day and then we went to attend a class in the afternoon. When I was on my way to go back home it was raining so hard and I'm taking motorbike to campus, but the food is safe. (Priority!) so are my papers and clothes. It was a fun day and now I have to do all the revision and I got a tons of annoying tasks and homework that I have to work on. Geez, University, give me a break.

Anyway, I know that I have another intention when I first make this blog. I wanted to make a fashion blog and all, I want to. I'm still going to post some if possible. It's just for now I don't have much time go around shopping and picking out clothes, then taking pictures for the blog. Since I'm barely starting too, I got no endorse whatsoever, so it's all mine. I should've commited, I know, I'm sorry for that. University takes soooo much of my time and I hope whoever read or enjoy my blog will understand. For now, I'll just going to post whatever in my mind, just consider this a lifestyle blog for a while until I'm finally ready to be a full time fashion blogger. Again, I'll still post fashion related if possible.

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