A clean, fresh, restart


Hi loves.

If you can't already tell by the title, and if you haven't notice anything changed in this blog (Ahem..) you might as well close this blog because the change is obvious! Just kidding, don't close it, you got it? Anyway, yes, I changed the whole thing, first banner thing because it wasn't actually my banner, I just edited it out. I made this one on my own using Photoshop CS6, I made a favicon too, but it doesn't work out well, I don't even know why? If you know why, please let me know. I have set up my favicon into .ico file too if you ask me. OK.. I need to calm down talking about these files. Ha-ha.

Second of all, I changed my blog skin, this one is simple too. I love it. I hope you do too, because as I'm trying to change my blog skin I need to put on viewers shoes to see if it's bothering them or not, I hope I'm making the right decision. Guys.. Wow, I'm so pumped up to start writing new blog posts again.


I got myself a new wallet today and it's so cute. Even my mom loves it. She usually hates the stuff that I picked. It's blue and it's cool. My previous wallet was a wallet I brought in China and they were nice too, but after a year long of using the wallet, it broke, they got torn. It's my fault, anyway.

Here is the new wallet that I'm talking about.

Isn't it nice? I'd like to show you the inside but unfortunately I have moved all of my money and cards inside of this very wallet, so it is the best to not show the inside. But it's just a regular wallet, full of pocket for cards and it has slot for 5 inches phone, which is awesome, because my phone is one. 

I hope you enjoy my blog. I'll be posting some haul soon. I brought dresses and many things, I also have tons of book that I haven't read because I just brought them all last week. See you soon.

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  1. Your blog is looking great! Changing things around is always exciting and motivating to post again.