Tavi Gevinson's Inspired Bitchface


"If you are the kind of person to encounter human beings in your life, you probably will find yourself needing a bitchface eventually. A bitchface is a beauty essential for any true lady—the kind of accessory that says, “You are a f#$%^^& idiot, why am I still talking to you" - Tavi Gevinson

Have you ever heard of Tavi's bitchface? Did I just hear a no? Then you should check her post here. Its been 2 years since she posted it. Tavi does it, Jimmy Fallon does it, her Rookie's readers do it, everyone does it! Well... mostly girl. I want to do it too! I have heard the bitchface since she started to do it but I never did try! Until now.





This aggresive-annoying look will make them never bother you again! This is literally best thing ever. This is ART, okay? Yay, thanks to Tavi! This will be remembered forever.

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