September's Wish List


I know I'm quite late to do this, but its not even 10th September yet, so why not? I have seen these stuff and I want it so bad but I just can't buy it because of reasons. I really looking forward buy all of these stuff soon.

1. Lisse Spring Shoes from Wondershoe

2. Fine Belt Mesh Dress from

4. Stussy No 4 Crew Neck Sweatshirt from ASOS3

4. K10ce Acoustic Guitar from Taylor

This one is actually my new year resolution, not fashion related, but I really want this xD

I actually want to include all the make up that I want here but my internet a little bit screwed up so I can't. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. Next post will be Back To School and Organization Tips. So, stay tuned and leave a message! x

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