Back To School and Organization Tips!


Maybe you'll wonder why the hell is this girl posting a back to school in the first week of September, well that's because I'm in university and everything starts from September, so that's why. So a lot of us, actually buy useless things that we don't actually need for school and university, and it costs quite a lot. So, instead of wasting so much money for many useless things, so please note everything that you'll need for school before you go to a store. Oh by the way I'll explain everything that I have at the picture above!

What is that? Binders. I think all of us know binders are the most important things that we need to carry to school/university. I have two, but I mostly use the smaller one, as you can see above, and its really cute! I actually sell binders, so if you want to buy, let me know and I'll tell you the price. Now, let's check out the binder that has cow pattern on it!


There are some pockets! And by the way, I don't use front page and last page because it gets too dirty. So I started from the second page which you can't see. 


In case you're wondering what is that, it is a planner. If your school/university don't give you a planner, I really really recommend you to buy a planner, to me, planner is my saviour. It helps me a lot remember everything. Literally everything. And you should buy a planner if you don't have one. You can get planner at a stationary store, books store, or an online store!

This is what my planner looks like...

This is my another planner, well, I don't use it as my school's planner, I use it when I was in a train and then I get an idea for a post, or I list things that I need to buy here. Or draw some doodles. Anyway I got this from a local bank.

And then, this one. I don't know what its called, haha, I think its called paper organizer? leave a comment bellow if you know. But you really need this organize all the papers, and you might need for mid-term or end-term exams. It helps you sooooo soooo much, I swear. By the way, about the color.... I can't have any other colors. But this one is pretty cool.

This is what it looks like from the inside

And this is bunch of stationary that I brought. Anyway I haven't brought any wood pencil because I know I will lose it anyway. So, I probably need to go to a stationary store again to buy some stuff that I haven't buy.
From right to left I have:
- Hello Kitty sharperner (Which I'm going to show you the picture because you can't see it's face)
- Flags. I need flags! You know what for, right?
- Gold marker. (I actually use this for my artwork; 52 reasons why I love you, you can google it up)
- Purple and blue pens. And black.
 - Mechanical pencil, and the refill, of course.
- Another marker.
- Glue
- Another marker.

And this is what my case looks like, this is just a small and can hold only a few stuff. I always use a large case so I'm giving it a try.

And I forgot this! This is my ruler :)

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  1. Love the tips! I wish I saw this post a little sooner. Keep it up. <3
    Much love,